Suggestions For Protecting Your Roof From Storm Damage


Roofs are often more vulnerable than you might think. Roof repairs and replacements can be costly. Storms often rank among the most devastating weather conditions that can affect your home. The roof often suffers the most damage when storms strike homes. Here are measures you can implement to protect your residential roofing central Florida from storm damage.

Add Roof Insulation

It would be wise to invest in roof insulation if you reside in areas that are prone to snow. Roof insulation can protect your roof from ice dams when heat escapes through the roof and melts the snow sitting on the roof. An ice dam can cause costly roof repairs or replacements if the damage is extensive.

Conduct Roof Inspection

It’s good to inspect your residential roof to protect it from storm damage. You can hire a contractor to check for signs of damage such as roof blistering, missing shingles and granule loss. It’s recommendable to conduct roof inspections at least twice a year to protect it from damage.

Watch Your Trees

You may have to watch your tall trees, bushes or hedges so that they don’t interfere with your residential rood. Excess leaves and overhanging dead trees can fall and clog gutters as well as creating a hole in your roof. Storm damage on your roof can affect your foundation, especially when water sits on the roof.

Ventilate Your Roof

Proper roof ventilation can allow your roof to remain secure to your house during a windstorm. It can also put singles and other roof pieces firmly held to the house. You can hire a roofing expert to help in proper ventilation or check how well your roof is ventilated before the next windstorm.

Roof repairs and replacements resulting from storm damage can be expensive. These tips can help to protect your roof and your home by extension. It’s wise to hire experienced roofing contractors for inspections and repairs.