Six Signs that your Roof Needs to be Repaired


Have you ever taken the time to look at your roof and see what kind of shape it is in? Are you avoiding looking at your roof because you are scared it might need repair? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you are not alone. Most homeowners simply do not want to think about having their roof fixed. It can be a headache to find a roofer and can be quite expensive. However, if you ignore the signs of roof damage, you could quickly end up with a bigger problem. Your entire house and even your health could take a hit by opting out of a roof repair. 

So, what is a sure-fire way to check your roof and see if it needs repair? You can call a roofing contractor to see if you need a repair or cleaning on your roof. Many offer free inspections and can help you to get your insurance to cover the roof repair. This is the best way to ensure that your roof is not in need of repair. You can also choose to inspect it yourself and then call a roofer. Here are 6 things that you should look for. 

1. Dirty areas on your roof. Look for dirty and dark areas on your roof. This is generally caused by algae and fungus growth. This can cause a big problem for your shingles. Over time, they eat away at the shingles which will cause leaks and will result in the need for repair. If you see any dark or dirty areas, you will need to contact your roof contractor. 

  1. Sheathing deterioration. Look at the sheathing of your roof. If you can see it, you have a problem. Algae, water and fungus will eat away at the shingles and expose the sheathing. This is directly above your rafters. Once the fungus or algae get into your rafters, you will have a much bigger problem. 

  2. Cracked or curling shingles. If you see shingles that are broken, cracked or curling, it is time to replace them. Shingles can last 20-25 years but this is all depending on the shingle manufacturer and the area that you live in. When shingles start to break, they can lead to the breakage of other shingles. If you see them broke or cracked, it is time to replace your roof. 

  3. Peeling paint. You might think that the paint peeling is nothing to be worried about. The truth is that it should be something that you are worried about. Cracked and peeling paint is a sign of improper ventilation. This lack of ventilation can essentially bake your shingles. This is due to rising heat in your attic without being vented properly. This can significantly damage your roof. 

  4. Water marks. If you have water marks on your ceiling, you will want to get someone out immediately to look at your roof. Water marks means that your roof is leaking somewhere and must be fixed asap. Left unrepaired, the leak could grow bigger and could grow mold which is a health hazard. 

  5. High energy costs. If the ventilation is off in your attic, it can cause high energy costs. A roof that is installed correctly will have proper ventilation and your energy costs should be low. 

    If you have any of the above issues, call your roof contractortoday. They can help you to fix your roof properly. Don’t delay in fixing your roof as it could lead to more expensive problems down the line.