Benefits of Using Eco Friendly Pest Control

Pest Control

Different types of pests and rodents can be quite bothersome particularly if you live in a home with little kids. You definitely don’t want the pests and there is nothing that you can do to get rid of them. There are organic as well as inorganic methods of getting rid of the invaders. With people becoming aware of the numerous environmental concerns, there is a good reason why you should choose the eco friendly pest control services. Some of the natural products used to control the pests include Neem oil, pyrethrum and diatomaceous earth.

Why use eco friendly pest control services

There are several reasons why you should opt for the green residential pest control services .These include:

Carbon footprint

A key reason why you should opt for the eco-friendly residential pest control methods is because of the carbon footprint associated with environmental preservation and conservation. Artificial or inorganic products are one of the reason why you should go with the organic products for residential pest control. Using artificial or inorganic  can be harmful to the  environment or users. On the other hand, the eco-friendly products usually contribute less than 1% of all greenhouse emissions in the atmosphere. This way, the carbon effects are usually minimal and this minimizes the negative effects.

Sustainability of the ecology

The eco-friendly methods usually maintain the natural food chain unlike the chemical ones that tend to disrupt the chain even as they break the food chain. The natural methods however, uses predators prey on the pests and insects and this ensure plenty of food provision. This ensures the eradication of the pests. Some chemicals used on the structures can erode the wood. Therefore, when killing insects, this can cause the erosion of the wood that is used for the house structures.

Landscape maintenance

The eco-friendly methods of pest control are usually gentle and conservative to the environment. Grass may dry up after it has been sprayed using artificial products. However, natural products can be beneficial and can help to save the situation in your garden even as you get rid of the pests, insects and rodents. These also have a high decomposition rate and its effect is usually short lived.

Home safety

The inorganic or eco-friendly products are usually safer when used at home with kids. Children love exploring things and will not have boundaries on the things they put in their mouth. The chemical products are usually more harmful when you are exposed to them. On the other hand, the natural products come with the peace of mind of knowing that your children are safe inside the home. There are also minimal chances of allergies.


Rodents, insects and pests come with the tendency of being resistance to the chemicals. This resistance that is usually acquired may be passed from one generation to the other. While using the inorganic methods of controlling pests, there are low chances of the resistance developing. The eco-friendly pest control methods are also sustainable for use as they can help to conserve  health and the environment.