Pros and Cons of Custom Kitchens

Kitchen Improvements

Kitchens are one of the most visible and most-used parts of any home. Kitchens are often used to entertain, eat in, and even relax in. In fact, kitchens are often called “the heart of the home.” That is one of the primary reasons why kitchen renovations and remodels are so popular.

One of the biggest decisions you will make in regard to your kitchen upgrade is your kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets come in three different options, with three ascending price points.

The most affordable option is stock kitchen cabinets. These are pre-made and come in specific styles and measurements.

The mid-level is semi-custom cabinets. You have some control over what these look like, but there are still coming from a list of pre-designated options and styles.

The most expensive are custom kitchen cabinets. There are the most expensive but are also the highest quality and are built to fit the space and style of your kitchen down to the last bit of hardware.

What you might be wondering is, Custom or Ready Made, Which Type of Kitchen Cabinet is the Best? To help you answer this question, we’ve broken down the pros and cons of custom kitchen cabinets. That way, you’ll be able to better decide whether they are the right decision for you!

The pros of custom kitchen cabinets

  • To put it simply: they look great. There simply is no replacing the look and feel of a custom-made cabinet. They’re going to not only look more finished than stock cabinets, they are also going to look better in your kitchen.
  • They will fit your needs. The primary reason is because you yourself are making them. You can add in any special features that you specifically want. You can also make them wider or deeper normal if you want. With stock cabinets, you can’t do that.
  • You get fantastic quality. The best quality on the market really. Custom cabinets and the hardware they come with will be higher quality than stock and semi-custom. This will not only help improve the value of your home, they will also last longer.

The Cons of custom kitchen cabinets

  • Simply, they cost more. Your kitchen cabinets make up a major part of your kitchen renovation and if you’re going custom, you’re going to be paying top-dollar. It’s an unavoidable fact.
  • They take longer to make. Custom cabinets have to be made from scratch. Your contractor is not going to be able to pick them up from a store and install them. That means that you may run into delays and will like have to wait for a couple weeks or more.
  • Repairs can be quite expensive. While it is unlikely that your cabinets will need repairs for years, if that time does ultimately come, repairing a custom cabinet is much harder and more expensive than repairing – or rather replacing – a stock cabinet piece. It can be hard to match not only the style, but the wood, paint and finish as well.