Five Things To Consider Before You Remodel Your Luxury Kitchen

Kitchen Improvements

Are you planning a kitchen remodelling? There are many kitchen shops that will help you design your dream kitchen. In fact, everyone deserves a dream kitchen since it is one of the most used rooms in the house.

But when it comes to remodelling your kitchen, it is too easy to get carried away with what it looks like. Being functional during this time is of utmost importance as it will help you ensure that you are satisfied with your new space design.

Once you are able to list down the exact things you will be needing to achieve your dream kitchen, it is then that you need to start with the remodelling process. It is essential that the kitchen works both practically and aesthetically for your lifestyle.

To make it simple for you, here are five things you need to consider before remodelling your luxury kitchen.

1: Make a list of what you like

Since you are remodelling your kitchen space, you have to make sure you are making a list of things you need and taking the current space layout into consideration. The list should include the design ideas that you are certainly keen to incorporate in your kitchen. If your inspirations come from magazine clippings or Pinterest images, we suggest you to create a moodboard that will help fuel your motivation.

2: Make a list of your dislikes

Once you are done making a list of things you are likely to consider, now it is time to make a list of everythings you don’t like in your current kitchen design and align this list with the design ideas you like. Let this list be as long as it can get, as this will help you in making more practical decisions, especially when it comes to reviewing which kitchen design provides the best solution to your current issues.

3: How do you plan on using the space?

Stop and take a step back to establish how the kitchen needs to flow. If you have a large family, you might consider the kitchen space to be the heart of your home or perhaps you love to entertain in style and want to wow people with your show-stopping space. Consider the following while planning the flow of your kitchen design.

Five work zones

Food: space for storing groceries, which includes non-perishable items, refrigerated and frozen goods.

Dishes: space for storing dishes, glasses and your cutlery

Cleaning: a specific area for recycling things and space for household cleaning items

Food Preparations: the main work arena, having easy access to utensils, knives, small appliances, cutting boards and mixing bowls.

Cooking: having pots, pans, bakeware and cooling racks at a reachable distance

Lifestyle and Activities

Entertainment: having a kitchen island, peninsula or a bar area where you can accommodate stools that serve as an extra seating area. Another entertainment configuration might include a conversation zone with lounge chairs.

Dining: place for your family to eat meals together, or a place where you could host a party.

Working (Home Office): include a dedicated workstation where you can get your office work done while preparing meals.

4: Who uses the kitchen space the most?

It is even better to consider who will be using the space while you plan on remodelling it. Knowing this will help you also while designing your dream kitchen. Take into consideration things such as whether there will be more than one people using the kitchen at a given time, who will be using the space for entertainment purposes, does your entire family use the kitchen and at what times of the day, and how many people may be in there at a given time? Answering these questions will be understand the flow of the room and how to arrange your kitchen space efficiently.

5: Consider the type of cooking you do

Think about the things you would want to do in your kitchen and start working from there. For instance, if you host a lot parties than a warming drawer and a wine cooler are a must, if you are enthusiastic chef, you might invest in a professional oven and larger cooking space. In case you don’t cook often, invest in items that you will be using on a daily basis, you don’t need all high-tech kitchen appliances consuming space when in reality you don’t even use them.