Top 3 Things Which Attracts Deadly Spiders In to Your Home


Spiders are hairy, crawly, beady eyed and creepy pests. There are many kind of spiders but only a certain types of spiders are harmful to humans. Their bites are poisonous. It is really difficult to understand, which type of spiders are there in your home or office.  It is the pest control experts who will help you in such conditions. Pest control team generally possess in-depth knowledge about the different types of spiders and ways to treat them. Hence, it is better to consult a pest control provider to find a solution for your problem.

Spiders are generally found in the secluded and dark areas. Besides, you can find them both inside your home as well in your garden area. People generally kill these spiders with their hand when they find them in their home, which is not the right action. Remember, there are certain spiders which are actually dangerous. Hence, you have to be really careful and wear proper protective clothing like hand gloves, while handling them to protect yourself from being a victim of venomous spider bite.

Signs of Spider Infestation

  • Spider Webs
  • Spider Egg Sacs

Remember even moist places attract spiders. Hence, you have to regularly check your home for any water leakages and fix them immediately to prevent spider infestation. Spiders also hide in closed boxes and shelves sometimes. Hence, make sure that you clean every corner of your home at least once in a week to prevent spider infestation.

What attracts spiders into my home?

Moisture or Water: Just like any other living creatures spiders require water to live. This is the reason why they get attracted to places with high moisture level. Moreover, ants too prefer humid places more, which offers spider’s good opportunity for trapping their food.

Trash: Spider infestation occurs, if you ignore cleaning your house regularly. Remember, pests like spiders, rats, etc. get attracted to trash very easily. Hence you have to make sure that you maintain cleanliness in your home interiors as well as outdoors.


Food: The food items stored in your home can also attract spiders and rats. To avoid such problems make sure that you store food in properly closed containers. Do not leave fruits and vegetables outside. Remember, leaving the food items open can attract different types of insects like cockroaches, spiders, rats and etc. Even after you have your meals, at the dining table or finish cooking clean the area or the place will attract ants and other pests.

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Regular pest control will ensure that your house is free from creepy crawlers and potential illnesses.