Potential Homebuyers Looking to Builders for Better Energy Efficiency


Look around in new neighborhoods and solar panels have become a staple. With more than 200 sunny days in Wisconsin, solar is certainly a good investment, and installers say there has never been a better time to go solar. Even better, the government approved a federal tax credit extension, giving homeowners a 30 percent deduction from installation.

According to one of the top energy efficient home builders Eau Claire home buyers enjoy an advantageous pay-off because sunshine is plentiful, and policies and incentives are generous in the form of rebates, metering, and deductions.

People have been under the impression that solar panels are just for the wealthy, but up-front costs of purchasing have decreased and financing and leasing plans are much more affordable today. Although federal tax credits are due to expire in 2019, experts believe solar installations can survive. Even if Congress doesn’t extend the credits again, installations would only increase by about $200.

Saving Money

Solar panels are the best known symbol of energy efficiency. Homeowners looking to save money can see tangible savings each month, right from the start. Despite the population growing, and the living space per person increasing, experts say solar panels minimize consumption and can bring about better energy efficiency around the world.

A family of four may use, on average, about 5,000 to 6,000 kilowatts per hour, every year. Homeowners are installing 5kw systems that generate a little of 6000 kilowatts a year, which fully compensates for the average needs. Even with a moderate cost of let’s say $15 to $18,000, there are multiple state and local rebates in Wisconsin that are very generous.

Realty experts say homeowners are also looking at improvements in insulation techniques when building their home. This maintains an improved interior temperature which results in less energy being needed. Whenever you don’t have to use the heat or air conditioning, that cuts your bills down. And then, when you rely on solar power when you do need to change the temperature inside the home, you’re again saving money.

Appeal Of Solar Getting Bigger

In the last few years, leasing arrangements and agreements with utility companies in the form of purchase agreements have sparked more interest from homeowners, broadening the solar appeal. So much so, that it’s become a trend to include the installation of solar panels into a home building project.

Compared to conventional older homes, new properties realize savings between 75% and 90% in energy consumption. The monthly energy bill for the average consumer is approximately $110. and solar panels can cut that bill anywhere from 20 to 35 percent.

Realtors also point out that newer homes are following a model that promotes the natural ventilation of the house with an automatic heat recovery system. Builders have moved towards a construction system that guarantees more sustainable, healthy and energy efficient homes, which is not only better for the homeowner, but the entire community.

Solar has become a win-win opportunity because the sun will always shine, and even on cloudy days, solar still works.