How To Get Wax Out Of Your Carpet


In the struggle to maintain your carpet, you have many threats from all sides ready to make the kind of messes that leave those long-lasting, tough stains. Whether it’s a glass of wine knocked over at a party, a child drawing pictures with a marker, or the puppy that isn’t yet fully trained, these are the types of threats that can be a challenge to prevent and even harder to clean up.

Any homeowner knows that, short of stopping a spill or mess from the start, the best solution for keeping those stains from setting in is to take immediate action when a liquid or substance splashes onto your expensive floor covering.

Carpets are delicate materials that are prone to damage from even the smallest mess and so it’s important to preserve yours by knowing the best techniques for managing whatever might threaten its appearance.

That brings us to one of the more challenging substances that can be a chore to remove: wax. Candles are a popular form of illumination, ideal for romantic evenings, intimate dinner parties, spooky events, and those stormy nights when the power gets knocked out.

Candles can be a serious hazard in your home. Not just for the potential to start a life-threatening blaze that could consume everything you own and leave you homeless, but for something far less disastrous and traumatic in the possibility of damaging your carpets. Wax is a bear to remove because it may start out as a fluid but quickly hardens into a more rigid substance. Not to mention it can be hot to the touch after its melted form spills over.

It’s basically the worst of both worlds. Cleaning it up is no picnic either because the hardening process usually results in the wax clinging to the fibers of the carpet and adhering to it so tightly that you need to physically alter its condition just to remove it.

Even that won’t guarantee you will be able to lift it all from the carpet and there’s certainly no assurance that it won’t leave a mark after you’ve labored at chipping it away piece by piece. In most cases, once a homeowner picks up as much wax as they could remove they seek out Winston Salem carpet cleaning to help eliminate the rest of it.

Careful Removal

There are two things to remember as you set about trying to lift wax out of your carpet. The first is knowing that anytime you do spill some wax, you already have most of the materials necessary for cleaning the spill afterward.

All you need is ice, an iron or hair dryer (anything that emits heat), a cloth towel (paper towel or even a paper bag will also work), a dull knife, a vacuum cleaner, and some type of carpet cleaner (or rubbing alcohol should do the trick). You see, everything you need to fix the problem is in your kitchen and a hallway closet.

The second thing to keep in mind is that you must never wipe at a stain. You always blot at it instead. The reason being that a wiping motion can drive the mess further into your carpet fibers so that you are just exacerbating (and expediting) the setting in of a stain.

But with blotting, you’re removing the excess material that needs to be removed and doing so without the added danger of making the problem a whole lot worse than it already is at the moment.

Removing the Wax

So now let’s get to lifting that wax up from the carpet. You will first need to get your ice and wrap it in a towel or cloth to reduce the amount of moisture that might get on the carpet or the wax from condensation.

Place the ice over the wax and freeze it. After you’ve done that, you can start to scrape away the frozen wax with the knife. If you are successful in eradicating all of it, you’re done. Good work. If not, then you have another option. This is where you need to grab the iron or hot hair dryer.

Lay your towel or paper towel over the wax and adjust your iron to a setting that isn’t too hot to singe or burn the fibers of your carpet. Don’t set it to steam. Now run the iron over the cloth or paper towel. As you melt the wax it should be attached to the towel or paper towel. Repeat the process until all of th wax has been lifted up.

Now clean the rug with your carpet cleaner or the alcohol and be sure to blot away the remnants. After you’ve cleaned everything up, vacuum to pick up anything that’s been left behind and restore your carpet to its original lush texture.