Helpful Tips for a Gorgeous Garden


Many homeowners would most probably dream of owning a gorgeous landscaped front yard.  An example of one beautiful lawn is the garden of the Palace of Versailles. It is one of the most visited public places in France. Records have it that the site receives more than six million visitors each year.

The thought of having such perfectly manicured lawn and a charming front porch is possible with careful planning and exceptional discipline to maintain it. Here are a few helpful tips to get one started.

Aim for a theme

The garden of the Palace of Versailles is landscaped in the classic French Garden style. It has an iconic fountain at its center which defines most French garden designs.

Similarly, for any residential garden, a theme is what unifies its look. It can be achieved by using consistent shapes, coordinating colors, and a unifying element.

If one opts for a bird sanctuary type of front yard, for instance, he should build a nesting place for the birds. Chickadees, hummingbirds, and sparrow are all drawn to food, shelter, and water. Create these three then to invite birds.

Incorporate symmetry

An overcrowded garden may appear like an unhinged jungle. To have a gorgeous front lawn, the envy of neighbors, then aim for balance. Put plants and flowers that complement each other. Use pots of the same color or texture to create a pattern.  The idea of putting a natural marker on each plant may add charm, too.

Add Curves

There is always something about curves that draw men into it. A voluptuous body is more appealing to some. Calligraphy appeals not only to the artist but mostly to all because of its delicate strokes and curves. Perhaps this is because of curved design charms to the brain that then pulls the heart to appreciate it.

Same in any garden, curves add mystery, leading one to follow the curvaceous path until the end. It can even be deceiving; tricking the eye into thinking that there is more than lies ahead. It has such a whimsical charm that appeals to children and even adults alike.

To prettify a garden, one may add a curved pathway adorned with bushes on the side for a bolder look. For a  homey feel, one may opt for little flowers on the curve’s edges. Daffodils and daisy may do the trick.

Enhance with furniture

Any garden looks inviting with a piece of furniture either in the center or on the side.  It can be the perfect spot to have an afternoon of tea with some music in the background. That small chair and table may also be one’s favorite place to read a new novel or write a manuscript.

Having a piece of furniture may also serve as one’s comfort zone to admire the full blooms of the flowers or to enjoy some fresh air or catch the warm sun rays.

Install landscape lighting

The proper choice of residential landscape lighting creates drama in any place. One needs not adorn his garden with too many gorgeous light fixtures. On the contrary, he needs to put the spotlight on certain elements he wants to focus on. If he has a lovely walkway, consider adding landscape lights to highlight it.

The color temperature can also affect the entire look of one’s garden. Warm light imitates sunlight thus it adds a glow to a landscaped garden. Soft colors, on the other hand, make a lawn appear broader.  colors that create such illusion are white, pastel pink, and blue.

Get rid of weeds

Even how perfectly manicured the lawn is, if one does not remove the weeds growing there, it will rob the soil of essential nutrients and water. The weeds will also provide cover for snakes, rats, and other pests. It is prudent then that one regularly removes the weeds growing among the plants and flowers.

To get rid of weeds, one needs to kill them at their roots. With the use of a small hoe, dig into the soil around the weeds’ stem to loosen it up. Afterward, get a firm grasp of the weeds’ stem and pull.

Helpful tips for a gorgeous garden

Deciding to have a magnificent garden goes beyond growing flowers and plants. It’s about unhurried planning and exceptional dedication to maintaining it. Do not fall for beautiful blooms that may appear out of place when joined to other flowers.  Always check on the theme and aim for balance. Make that residential garden an extension of the family’s living space and not just one junkyard or unhinged maze. Follow the above tips and youll be fine. But if you seek to get trusted knowledge about gardening remedies to help you make your own garden of the Palace of Versailles, heres where to click for info today.