Getting to Know the Different Kinds of Locks


Locks are essential parts of our lives. They became a necessity in our day to day activities. They act as physical security to our homes, cars, bags and other properties. However, the level of protection they offer primarily varies on the type. Knowing the basic types of lock could come in handy in the future especially if there is a need for you to determine which kind of lock suits your need. It is also essential in case you will need over the phone assistance a Houston locksmith service or while a locksmith is on his way to help you. Giving them this basic knowledge will ensure they have all the proper tools to get your lock open without unnecessary damage safely.


The padlock is the oldest type of lock. It is safe to say that it is the forerunner of all locks. It is also considered to be the only lock which is portable. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors and the mechanism makes use of a shackle to secure the object it is trying to protect. There are two basic types of a padlock; the first one is the keyed padlock. As the name implies, it comes with a key to open the mechanism. The second type is a newer version, the non-keyed latches which are more popularly known as combination padlocks. Familiar as they may, locksmiths do not recommend them when you are trying to protect valuable items since they can quickly be picked, cut or hammered.


Deadbolts are the most popular kind of lock found in residential properties. You can see them on external doors, and it is a for a knob lock. This type of lock makes use of a rotating cylinder. The mechanism is more complicated as compared to a padlock. It uses a rotating cylinder to drive a retractable bolt into the door frame. The lock can only be retracted once the bottle is rotated again. It is safer than a padlock, but it is still prone to picking. There are three different types of the deadbolt, the lockable thumbturn, the single cylinder and the double cylinder.

Knob Locks

You can find knob locks in both homes and offices. You can see them on both external and internal doors since they are very convenient to use. This type of lock also makes use of a key cylinder on one side while the other hand makes use of a rotatable knob. It is not advisable to be used as a primary lock especially on external doors. You should always accompany it by a more secure and more reliable lock. It can easily be opened not just through picking but also by using force; thus its safety is questionable.

Lever Handle Locks

Lever handle locks are famous in commercial establishments. It is considered a more convenient type as compared to the others mentioned above. It makes use of a lever which you can push up or pull down to open. It also makes use of a cylinder mechanism on one side while the other part uses a rotatable knob which you can turn. Experts recommend lever handle locks in places where the door needs to open quickly; thus it can often be found in handicap accessible locations. Just like the knob, the security for this is also questionable, anyone can pick through it to open the door, and one can also use any sturdy material to break it.