Easy Landscaping Ideas Under Budget


A beautiful house has always been a real showstopper. Together with an equally gorgeous landscaped front yard, an abode all the more becomes the envy of neighbors and passersby.  Make the outdoors a stunning extension of one’s lovely home with this Houston landscaping ideas under your budget.

Welcome guests with blooms

Flowers are said to influence positive emotions. They enhance feelings of satisfaction, prompt happy feelings, and inspire positive performance. Adore the front yard with colorful blooms that greet guests “you are welcome home.”

To be safe, opt for flowers that are in season all year round like evergreens,  tender perennials, asters, and carnations.

Studies say as well that flowers increase brain performance. They encourage creativity and even free-thinking. They also create a pleasing visual impression to passersby and almost everyone, including the homeowner himself.

In choosing flowers, select those that don’t need much caring and maintenance. Also, opt for blooms that don’t go over sensitive with or without the sun.

Pet-proof your yard

A beautiful garden can attract guests, including the neighbor’s pet. To discourage any animal from entering the front yard, opt for plants and flowers that a deer, for instance, find disgusting. A few examples are butterfly weed, purple cornflower, and butterfly bush. These gorgeous blossoms are showstoppers but are sickening to animals especially the deer.

One may also set up high fences then roll chicken wire around it to keep pets and unwanted animals off the manicured lawn or flower bed.

Grow plants other than for beauty

Many individuals grow greens and blooms in their front yard to make it extra charming and welcoming. Aside from making the garden an inviting abode for friendly animals and an extension of the house, grow plants that benefit the family, too. Growing fruits and vegetables, for instance, will not only save one money but also promotes health and nutrition. It gives one absolute control over the substances used to grow the berries, herbs, and grains. It also translates to full power on what he puts in his dining table.

Dress up the front yard

Aside from flowers, bushes, and trees, one can beautify his front yard by dressing it up with garden furniture. A simple stool and a table by the corner add charm to the whole set up.  One could even use that spot to finish his novel or relax and sip his afternoon tea.

Another way to dress up the yard is to add chimes or water feature like a small fountain by the center. Hanging baskets, elevated planters, and colorful pots are new add-ons, too.

Create contrasts

Create a garden that upon first peek makes one catches his breath. It makes everything strikingly appealing. To make that look, avoid a one-dimensional layout. Add eye-catching flowers and plants by creating contrasts. Work with different colors that perfectly blend rather than settle with plants of the same color and texture. Mix and match pots, pebbles, and even rocks.

Climbing plants like climbing roses are impressive landscape structures all by themselves.  They give drama and character to one’s garden.

Any ideas to add charm to your landscaped garden within a small budget ranger? Share your thoughts with us.