Contact Rick’s Chimney Service To Ensure Your Chimney Is Healthy


If you are looking for chimney upkeep and repair, Rick’s Chimney Service is the name you can trust to fix your chimney so it is functioning better than ever. Whether you need chimney sweeping, chimney caps, flue removal or dryer vent cleaning, Rick knows how to do it all. Rick performs chimney cleaning in West Haven, CT, Milford, and the entire New Haven County area.

Chimney cleaning should be performed at least once a year to clean out the flue and debris that can create dangerous conditions. If you use your fireplace often, getting it serviced more frequently can help keep your chimney clean and performing well. Rick’s rule is one chimney inspection and cleaning for every cord of wood burned. You should immediately call a chimney inspector if you see smoke coming from the fireplace into the room, if there is soot buildup around your fireplace or if the is a thick buildup of soot on the fireplace walls is more than an eighth of an inch thick.

For preventative maintenance, Rick’s Chimney Service installs chimney caps in Stratford, CT and the surrounding towns. This will prevent debris and animals from entering, which can impair the function of your chimney and impact the health of your home. A chimney cap is a great filtration system for a chimney as it lets dangerous gases from the fireplace out and clean, debris-free air, in.

To ensure that a chimney is completely clean, always hire a professional chimney inspector and do not attempt to do this yourself. As a chimney cleaner in Stratford, CT, Rick’s services are prompt, professional, and will save you in the long run. From emergency chimney services or preventative chimney maintenance – contact Ricks Chimney Service to preserve the long life of your chimney!