Bedroom Makeover – Ideas on a Room Makeover to Sleep Better


So, are you in need of a bedroom makeover? Are you having trouble sleeping? Have you get desires to decorate your bedroom? Maybe a new lick of paint? Your home should be the one place where you feel peaceful, safe, and secure. It should also be where you can express yourself in a way that makes you feel as if your home is a true reflection of who you are and who you hope to be. How you decorate your home says a lot about you, but it can also affect how you feel day and night. Do you find that you are not sleeping as well as you would like? It might just be something that is going on in your home. Perhaps you need to do a bedroom makeover so you can get a better night’s sleep.

First, before you start on your bedroom makeover, study the room in which you sleep every night. Is there something in there that is keeping you awake? Do you have piles of boxes in there that you have yet to store away? Is your desk in there? Do you have folded laundry you never seem to have the time to put away? Those things remind you that you have more stuff to do, and can stop you from getting a good night of sleep. The first step with bedroom makeovers is to remove or take care of anything that seems undone or reminds you of chores and tasks. Make your bedroom space about sleeping and nothing else. You will sleep much better.

To further makeover a bedroom, think about what you need for a good night of sleep. Do you wake up when you see light? Many cannot sleep unless they are in total darkness. You may have to go out and get light blocking blinds and thicker, darker bedroom curtains. These can keep light from the sun out if you want to sleep past sunrise, and can also keep light out from outdoor light posts and passing cars. This part of any room makeover is easy and solves a lot of problems. Think about a dark eye mask too, as that may help with any light you cannot completely eliminate.

Another bedroom idea to think about is to take a look at the color of your bedroom walls. In order to do a bedroom makeover, you have to think about the colors that you have chosen for this room. If you’re not confident in painting, consider utlising the services of a local painter and decorator to complete the job to a high standard. There are some colors, like some greens and blues, that are very relaxing. Other colors, like bright lemon yellow, are not good ideas for room makeovers, even if you love that color. When you walk into the room, the colors on your bedroom walls and the colors you have chosen for accessories can make a huge difference in how you feel. You want to choose colors for your room makeover that make you feel relaxed, not invigorated. Save those vibrant colors for the rest of your home.

Lastly, remove your exercise equipment, television, and stereo from your sleeping quarters as a part of your bedroom makeover. Those things will not give you the restful feeling that you need. The television may be good for noise to help you sleep, but there are better ways to get that same effect. Go out and buy a small fan, or a white noise machine if you like a hum while you are sleeping. That, in combination with everything else you do in your room makeover, should help you get that better night of sleep you are wishing for.