Outdoor Maintenance Tasks For Extreme Weather

Home Improvement

Whether it’s a summer storm or a winter squall, it seems like some extreme weather event is always just around the corner. Is your home ready? Have you checked the roof, repaired your sump pump and wrapped your pipes for the winter freeze? What about your yard? Your outdoor spaces need just as much preparation as your pantry and first aid kit.

Tree Trimming

Look at the trees around your home and make sure that they’re healthy. Whether you’re facing a winter ice storm or the dread of hurricane season, you don’t want a tree falling on your house or dropping branches on your car. If you have even the slightest doubts call tree company Orlando or your area to check on your trees and do the necessary maintenance. Any trees that are close to your home or power lines deserve special attention.

Prepping the Garden

This is less about the safety of your home and more about basic maintenance to make your life that little bit easier. Especially for winter, trimming back dead plants and “putting the garden to bed” can help keep your lawn neat through the dreary winter months. In summer, you want to make sure that your green spaces have plenty of drainage to keep your garden from flooding when those summer storms hit.


Make sure to secure any loose equipment in outdoor spaces when extreme weather is coming in. This might mean tying down your kids’ trampoline in summer to keep it from blowing away. It might mean winterizing your pipes or your lawnmower for the colder times of the year.

The important thing is to keep your family and your belongings safe through dangerous weather. Whether that takes the form of high winds and heavy rains in summer or the extreme cold and bitter snows of winter, it will take preparation on your part, both inside and outside your home.