Where Can We Use Tall Square Plant Pots?        


Flowers bring into our life and our house a piece of nature, harmony and are a source of psychological relief and perfectly purify the air inside the room. So that you do not lose natural filters and aesthetic satisfaction, live in harmony with nature and with your flowers, we offer you some original tips for adding tall square plant pots to the interior. Technologies are developing every day; designers create unique options for how to decorate your interior with flowers and pots, so the designers of getpotted.com online store are trying to surprise their customers with stunning pots of different colors, shapes, and volumes.

If a place in the apartment allows doing it, you can make a living area for relaxation and rest – put a small table, soft chairs or a small sofa, and arrange the flowers in bright positive planters. As a result, you will get a picturesque winter garden, where you can relax, escape from problems or drink coffee and enjoy the flowers. By the way, many interior designers advise doing a winter garden on the balcony – it will be stylish, original and convenient. Just do not forget to warm your balcony so that plants and flowers will not die there. Here you can install any pots and mix them, their variety will look very nice and interesting (even stone models can look creative next to tall plastic flower pots).

Maybe you decide to purchase a high pot and do not know how beautifully and aesthetically add it to your interior. Of course, the design of your house is your own personal matter of taste and preferences, but there are some simple tips that will help you make the right decision:

  • o High pots look very creative and stylish. Be careful when choosing a material – you can choose even any except plastic. Even if there is earth inside such planter, the planter will not be very stable. It is best to choose pottery, stone or fiberclay.
  • o Many prefer narrow and tall planters to put them in the corners of the room and create additional comfort. This can be done, but such pots cannot be compatible with all root systems of plants.
  • o It is better to choose more resistant forms of tall planters so that your plant does not fall. Here you can leave your choice on the square or polygonal shape of a tall flowerpot. Oval at the base is also a good choice, but with a wide part at the bottom.
  • o Some plants have wide roots, others grow in depth. Learn the characteristics of the roots of different plants to make the right choice and the combination of a pot and a plant.
  • o Designers do not advice to put high pots near the window with curtains. You can accidentally hook the pot when you close the window or curtains. It is best to put it on the window (if the window sill has a wide shape and you do not open the window very often).
  • o You can choose more heat resistant high pot materials and install it in your garden.
  • o You need to choose the right plant. You do not need to take a tall pot for plants on a long leg – over time, it will grow and the pot may fall (choose lower-growing flowers or plants). Many growers choose a climbing plant for a tall pot.

Any type and shape of the flower pot is the perfect complement to your interior. Any room will become cozier and warmer if there are several flower pots. But a tall pot is not only part of the design; it is a small house for your plant. Take care of it, and your home will be cozy and comfortable. A beautiful and healthy plant will give you a lot of positive emotions and your home will become a quiet and peaceful haven where you want to come back every day. Add a few tall pots; choose suitable plants for them and your home will look amazing.