Ways to Maintain your Generator in summers


Generator hire Melbourne rates increase considerably in the summers. Statistically speaking, power outages are far greater in the summers and this causes many to rush for hiring generators to get by in the sweltering heat of the summers.

Hiring a generator for frequent events such as power outages is not a very good idea though, you’d probably be able to buy one for the amount that you’d spend hiring a generator time and again. Further, the hassle of going and renting one is also avoided. It is important however to note that once you buy a generator, it should be properly maintained to keep it in a top-notch condition for as long as possible.

This becomes even more significant in the summer months. Why? Well, the frequent power cuts mean that the generator is used more which then translates to more wear and tear.

Stick to a schedule!

It is very easy to put off maintaining your generator when there is little need for it. However, when you actually need it, you might find that it needs to be oiled, parts need to be replaced and so on. To avoid all this, make a schedule and then stick to it! This will help you remember when your generator needs to be inspected and its condition will be preserved.

It’s a very good idea to call in a trained technician once in a while to inspect your machine and make sure it is in good running condition. With electrical items, you can never be too careful!

Spare Parts

With a routinely used generator, you will find that some common spare parts often need replacement. For instance fuel filters, coolant and such items that are used more frequently should be kept handy to avoid emergency runs to the store.


Summers mean hot breezes and humidity, both of which can be harmful for any equipment and this includes generators as well. Care should be taken to ensure that they are placed in a well-ventilated area, especially in the summers where it is protected from direct heat. This will ensure that the machine does not overheat during use and shut down.

Regular use

Generator hire Melbourne, ensures that the generators are in good working condition. One of the reasons for this is that generators for rent are used regularly. Even if you think you won’t need your generator for quite some time, make sure to run it every so often. This will keep your generator in good working condition and will avoid issues such as wet stacking which is a crippling condition for generators.


No generator can run without fuel! However, it is also so very easy to forget and then come to mind only when in the hot and humid summer months we go to switch on our generator during a power cut. Imagine the disappointment! To side step this frustrating block, always make sure you have some fuel handy. In case, time has passed since you last purchased fuel, do remember to look at the expiration date before use.

Professional inspection

We all have our strong holds and we all have our weaknesses. While we may be able to maintain and repair our generator from a cursory point of view, remember you are not trained for this! Technicians spend months working with generators and such equipment and thus have the requisite knowledge as well as experience required to professionally asses the condition of your generator and to see what parts need to be maintained for optimum working condition. Especially before a time of frequent use such as summers, get your generators condition assessed by a professional and get your peace of mind!