Keeping Your Lake Clean: 3 Benefits of Lake Aeration


Keeping your lake water clean isn’t a simple task. You can’t just throw a few chemicals in it and be done like you would for a pool. But keeping your water clean is worth the effort.

Are you wondering about what benefits you will see when you maintain your lake? Keep reading to find out what those benefits are.

  1. Improve Water Quality

There is such a thing as too many nutrients in your water. When too many gathers in your water, they travel to the bottom and become muck. A little lake management can solve this problem.

By removing nutrients and improving your water circulation, you can significantly increase your water quality. You won’t need to worry about people wanting to go for a swim.

  1. Protect Your Fish

The fish ecosystem is very delicate. It requires a precise amount of oxygen for fish to survive in the water. It’s hard for fish to get enough oxygen when you don’t take care of your lake.

As time goes on, debris will decompose in your water and release gas. When this happens, the oxygen supply in your lake will go down. Unless you clean your debris and provide fresh oxygen, your fish will have trouble surviving.

  1. Reduce the Smell

Bacteria will grow in your lake over time. This growth is very beneficial in most cases. It helps break down organic material in your water.

When bacteria growth is stunted, organic material won’t be able to break down. Once it stays in your water too long, you will start noticing a smell. You’ll need to figure out why your bacteria growth is low to solve this issue.

Don’t Underestimate a Clean Lake

It isn’t easy to keep your lake clean. The good news is that it’s well worth the effort. The above benefits are only the start, so do a little lake work today so you can see the results first hand.