An outbuilding is a non-habitable structure designed for activities and storage that cannot be kept in the main house. An outbuilding serves numerous purposes, and this post covers most of them.

The excitement outbuildings bring, regardless of the size, from kids having a building to be adventurous and make memories to you having a room or studio where you can be creative and explore a brilliant idea, or maybe just a storage space for garden equipment or pool utility, whichever way outbuildings are awesome.

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First things first; make sure you already have permitted development rights before you get started. Once you’ve ruled that out, this is what you stand to enjoy depending on the kind of outbuilding you want.

RELAXATION –Kids are adorable, cute and fun to be with, but sometimes you want to get that alone time necessary to relax yourself; an outbuilding comes off as an excellent choice in times like these, especially if you’re into Yoga. If you’re not, you can decide to have a rocking chair or a simple resting bench to sit and relax.

EFFICIENCY – Instead of cramming all your tools and equipment into the garage, keep them in a dedicated utility shed for easy access. By doing so, you improve efficiency in your gardening and also encourage order. With an outbuilding, you’ll have enough space to store your garden produce, non-perishable foods and household supplies.

SAVES YOU MONEY – It is financially wise to construct an outbuilding, if you need extra space for storage, instead of expanding the main house. The cost of constructing an outbuilding is way lesser than expanding the house for that same purpose especially if there is plenty of room in the garden.

GIVES YOUR LIFESTYLE A MAJOR UPGRADE – Say you opt out for a bespoke garden house, a sauna or customized storage shed. Now picture that building sitting out in your yard with a beautiful lawn that leads to it; such beauty isn’t? That’s what outbuildings bring; they add beauty to your home, a kind of class that becomes synonymous with you in the neighborhood.

Finally, pay utmost attention to the kind of materials used in constructing your outbuilding; you don’t want to have a structure that wears out after its first few months.