How to Exterminate Termites from Your Home


Termites happen to be the most durable and successful pests on planet earth. To get an insight, there are 1,000 pounds of termites for every single person in the world. Termites also work all their lives since they do not require sleep. Like other insects such as ants and roaches, termites have been crawling the earth for over 250 million years. Although there over 45 species of termites known to man, only three account for the largest population. They include the dampwood termites, the dry wood termites, and the subterranean termites. It has been estimated by Termite Pest Control Treatment Tulsa OK that termites cost the global economy an excess of $45 billion in losses every year. In this article, we are going to discuss what each homeowner can do to eliminate these destructive pests from their homes. 


Termites avoid sunlight at all cost because they cannot withstand it. Termites will be killed by exposure to the UV rays of the sun. This is mainly because, for them to be alive, they need moisture. It is advisable to expose the areas of your home infested by termites with sunlight for long hours. Clear all clutter and bushes around the termite’s hive so it can get exposed to the UV rays of the sun. You can also dig in the termites’ hive so that the colony is exposed to heat from the sun. If these pests have infested some of your smaller items and furniture made of wood, put them outside when the sun is hottest. Heat from the sun is one of the most natural ways to eliminate these pests from your home. Although sunlight may not solve the entire problem with termites, it is an efficient and cost-effective way of reducing the termite population around your home. 

Cardboard trap

One of the compounds that are highly attractive to termites is cellulose. Cellulose makes up a significant part of the termite’s diet. Cardboard has a very high concentration of cellulose and can be used to set a trap for these pests. You will need to take a large cardboard that is moist and roll it, so it looks like a tube. Another technique that will work is stacking several veils of mist sheets on top of one another. Place these traps in the areas where you have seen these little creatures crawling around. After a few days, you can collect these traps and dispose them away from your home. You will have to repeat the process as many times as possible, till the termites are nowhere to be seen. 

Beneficial nematodes
The introduction of parasitic worms in the termite’s colony is one of the most natural ways of getting rid of these pests. These roundworms are also known as beneficial nematodes and are very efficient in devastating the population of termites. Once these worms have entered a host, they release bacteria that is detrimental to the life of most insects that include termites. You can buy these roundworms from your local home and garden store.