Glazers. They’re called “Glazers.” GLAZERS!


Glass is perhaps the most overlooked and under-appreciated invention known to Man. It’s easy to miss the genius of glass because, well, it’s invisible! Not literally of course but the goal of making glass windows and windshields is to make them as invisible as possible. And perfect sheets of glass, as that of any vehicles windshield, become terribly hard to look at and accept when even the smallest defects or cracks mar them.  When the auto windshield becomes damaged, not only is it an eyesore, it is a serious danger. The auto windshield is an incredibly advanced safety device with complex engineering and very sophisticated science that goes into each and every one. The advancements and improvements in formula, design and manufacturing are constantly evolving. As are the expert services to maintain, repair and replace them. 

The windshield that you don’t see every day is the result of thousands of years of evolution. Contrary to what was stated in the opening of this article, glass was not invented it was discovered and occurs naturally. Humans have been using it for a super-duper long time. Glass History

From then to now the uses and applications of glass are myriad, and the purposes are critical. The auto glass service Salt Lake City UT and the surrounding area deal with windshield issues that are perhaps unique to Utah and other semi-arid to dry climate areas. Wind driven sand and other airborne abrasives can cause pitting in glass and specialized repair is required even beyond the typical issues that constantly plague the miraculous windshield. Technicians and professional experts are extra skilled in these locations and offer a little extra to every customer.

Windshield and glass repair has become a highly skilled trade, and in the construction and contracting industries, repair and replacement of glass is a highly respected ability. Heavy equipment used in construction also has many windshield problems and keeping those critical machines in tip-top safe condition is very important too. 

The seemingly simple service of automotive glass repair and replacement is deceptive in that it looks easy but it’s not. The technicians who practice this trade are uniquely skilled and in high demand. When these high-tech pros succeed joy and happiness from the customer is the result. It is a win win for all. Having these people who are first rate in their trade always at the ready and available is one of the hallmarks of a great society. 

Grouping the glazing trade with those of the construction and contracting industries is almost unfair to the glazer. They don’t fit the mold, nor can they be pigeonholed into standard sub-categories of construction or any other skilled trade. They are of a kind and will ever be in great demand. Glass is everywhere, and automotive glass is most important for everyone for it protects and saves lives. 

Letting even the smallest windshield damage go unattended for any period of time is unwise. keep an eye on that invisible shield and care for it as it cares for you.