Three Great Tips to Creating Your Vintage Inspired Home with Chic Furniture


One of the hottest design trends to hit the world of interior design in recent years is the use of shabby chic or chic furniture. Through this incredible trend, homeowners are able to incorporate a unique vintage feel to their homes. This is commonly achieved through the addition of furniture and accessories which appear to have been aged.

Think of a worn pillow or frayed throw. Another great way to achieve this look in your home is through distressed wood. By using distressed wood in your home you will be able to give your most intimate home environments a cozy yet sophisticated look and feel. Once you have found the right pieces for your home, you need to know exactly how to make them work in your space. Here are our top three design tips which will give your home a unique vintage-inspired feel.

Use soft colours

When you are leaning towards design themes which include chic furniture the best option for you is to make use of neutral colours and colour schemes. This way you can be sure that the inclusion of bright colour pops will be easy and elegant. One of the key rules for decorating your home with shabby chic furniture is to remember that less is always more. This rule also applied when making use of smaller items around your home.

It is relatively easy to bring a pop of energy into even a tiny corner of your home without moving too far away from your shabby chic theme. One of the best ways to achieve this is through sourcing throw pillows or a decorative art piece which features stunning and bold lines and patterns in a subtle colour scheme.

Light shades will inevitably play a defining role in your shabby chic design process but you will not fully achieve this without using layers. Here you can make use of a delicate lace cover for heavy curtains or incorporating a few gold accents on darker chic furniture pieces. Always remember that light colours will make for a clean canvas for decorating.

Define your space with scallops, curves, and tassels

A cornerstone to the shabby chic design trend is in the inclusion of yesteryear decorating elements either through a rug, tablecloth or pillow. Old-fashioned lies at the heart of shabby chic and it is easy to incorporate into your everyday life. Nothing says you’ve embraced this trend more than the use of antique furniture. Side tables or a chest of draws featuring scallops with elegant curves will elevate your home space into the design future.

Use Distressed Woods

One of the easiest ways to achieve the elegant yet rustic design approach of shabby chic is to acquire chic furniture items which are balanced in texture as well as material. Think of an old-fashioned nightstand featuring chipped paint paired with an elegant glass vase. Now add in a tabletop crafted from course rope. These three elements would add depth to the wooden legs of the table and add balance to your area.

If you are making use of darker woods as your design basis, you can offset heavy tones by incorporating light colours. A simple white letter placed on a dark wood able will immediately liven up the area. These are effortless to incorporate and will elevate your home design to a new height.